2014-11-15 News and Changes

For those who don't know, Final Fantasy IX is completely done! You can check it out on the projects page or by going to LPThera's YouTube channel. It has also been added to the fanfaretheatre YouTube page as well.

There have also been a few changes to the staff page. As we are allowing anyone to voice characters in our projects, the staff page has been trimmed down to the administrators only. Anyone who has offered their voice to a project can still be found and contacted in each video that has been posted up.

Thank you to everyone who watches and supports us! Stay tuned for upcoming projects!

2013-10-14 Touch Detective Trailer

Check out the Touch Detective FFT announcement trailer!

2013-07-07 Host Switch & FF6 Project Delay

The FFT website has recently switched hosting providers. The previous host had many periods of downtime and inconsistent service. Hopefully the new providers will serve us better.

The FF6 project ran into several major delays. The director, SlightlyAmiss, would like to apologize to all viewers for this delay. The project is still in production, albeit not full time as was planned. Stay tuned to this page for updates on the project!

2012-07-22 FF6 Trailer

Check out the Final Fantasy VI FFT announcement trailer!

2012-3-07 New members!

FanFare Theatre is proud to announce two new members to our ranks! Gizmoipze and Azayliah! Their names will be added to the staff section soonly~

2011-10-07 FanFare is now live!

I know, right? It's been forever!! Huge thanks to SlightlyAmiss for the new site design! FanFare Theatre is now LIVE! Also, the first episode of Final Fantasy IX is now available!! Enjoy the new site design, revamped episodes and chat box feature!

2011-04-30 FF9 Trailer

Check out the Final Fantasy IX FFT announcement trailer!

2011-04-29 Ready to Rumble!

I've tweaked the site abit so that it can be veiwed okay on the 1024x768 resolution. A chatbox to the Projects page as been added! Check it out!

2011-04-18 Site Launch

It's official FanFare Theatre is now up and running! The first project of the Theatre will be Final Fantasy IX! It will be a while until episodes are up and running, but feel free to browse the site in the meantime. Thanks for stopping by!